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Our indespensible reports always keep you informed about key success metrics: app revenue, market performance, usage, and user feedback.

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We automatically get data from all of your developer accounts, so you'll get your reports in minutes without changing anything about your apps.

New Reviews and Sales Alerts for your apps

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Real-time alerts always keep you and your team in the loop. We'll make sure you're always up to date via email, Slack, and more.

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Designed to give you the full picture at a glance, and deep-dive into your data when you need.

Sales Analytics

Analyze trends across all of your apps historically and geographically.

Review Analytics

Get granular visibility into user feedback for all of your apps in your language.

Usage Tracking

Keep track of how users use your app and how those patterns affect sales.

Hourly Ranks

Get a real-time view of how your app competes in the market.

Featured reports

Find out if, when, and where your apps are featured. Automatically.

Ads Performance

Compare ad revenue across all of the ad networks you use to monetize.