Privacy Policy

We believe your data is 100% yours.
Here is how we make sure it stays that way.

You have full control of your data

Appfigures gives you complete control over your reports data, personal settings, and private information. You can delete reports and credentials at any time – those reports will be deleted in their entirety permanently from Appfigures.

Credentials security

To connect to your linked accounts automatically, Appfigures may need to store sensitive information such as your username, password, or API key. Credentials are stored securely, and can only be used for importing new data from the connected account. Your credentials are always stored encrypted and are never displayed in your account.

We don't keep more than we have to

Appfigures stores only information pertinent to displaying sales, downloads, and other relevant reports. Appfigures does not save or access any other data, for any purpose. All data stored by Appfigures can be viewed in your archive and downloaded at any time.

You can completely opt out of anonymous data sharing.

We don't and will never share any of your private data directly with any third party. We do offer the ability to contribute data anonymously so we can create new features that give you market insights and trends. Contributing is completely optional and you can opt-out of it entirely at any time. Learn more

SSL is used at all times

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts all data transferred between your computer and our servers. Appfigures utilizes 128bit SSL throughout the entire site. Your data is for your eyes only.

(To learn more about SSL, go to

Encryption for all sensitive data

We utilize advanced encryption approved and used by the U.S Government to encrypt all sensitive and private information including your iTunes Connect and Appfigures credentials.


If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact us here.

You may also contact us by mail:

Appfigures, Inc.
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Last updated on 5/11/2018