This Week in Apps #14 - Lots of Spikes!

Ariel Michaeli Ariel Michaeli
6/19/20 #twia #covid-19

This Week in Apps is a short, no-fluff, round-up of interesting things that happened in the mobile industry. Here are our top highlights.


That's how much one download is worth to the most revenue-efficient Casino game in the U.S. App Store. Wow!!! We analyzed at the top 10 casino games by revenue, and the rest weren't as efficient, ranging between $20 and $200 per download. Report


Disney+ hit $100M in revenue in the U.S. App Store this month. Subscription revenue snowballed during lockdown. For context, Hulu's U.S. App Store revenue was $64M for the same period.


Downloads of FaceApp sky rocketed this week after it launched a free gender swap filter. The spike isn't as big as its 2019 spike, but there's still time. Snapchat did the same thing back in 2019 and saw a big increase as well.

Replacing Twitter?

Donald Trump's mobile app rose to the #5 news app in the App Store this week, trumping friends (Fox #12) and foes (CNN #14). The app is mainly a way to promote IRL events but also has a news feed. Downloads crossed 500,000 this week as well.

The OG

Temple Run, one of the first blockbuster endless runner games to his mobile devices back in 2011, saw a massive spike in downloads on the App Store. Downloads we pretty stable on Google Play, but according to our historical data have been rising consistently since 2017.

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